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Burnham For Mayor

Friday, 8 April 2011

Andy Burnham responds to reports that school budgets have been hit with a last minute £155million cut

Michael Gove must immediately reinstate this money that schools were promised. They deserve better than the shambolic management of this Secretary of State. There is a growing state of chaos in the education budget as Michael Gove shuffles money around his department to put out one fire only to start another one somewhere else. Young people are bearing the brunt of his mismanagement.

Mr Gove’s claims to have protected school budgets and found more money for a pupil premium are increasingly laughable. From school sport to school buildings, Bookstart to EMA, he’s broken promises and got things wrong. And we still don’t know how he is funding his free schools programme. He needs to explain when he took the decision to claw back money that had already been allocated, and why Local Authorities are only finding out about it now.

Click here to view the report in today's Guardian.