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Burnham For Mayor

Friday, 4 March 2016

Andy Burnham MP Visits Commando Joe's

LEIGH-based Commando Joe’s has received a nod of approval from MP Andy Burnham following his visit to the company headquarters in Meadow Croft Way.

The MP for Leigh visited the elite team of military veterans, who use their extensive experience to help build character and confidence in schools across the UK, to find out about the work they do at local schools.

He was so impressed that he has vowed to help Commando Joe’s continue to receive the funding needed for its 'important' work.

Mr Burnham said: “Commando Joe’s is proven to have a positive impact in the schools it works with, from improving behaviour to building character and resilience in young people. Having visited the company’s headquarters I have seen their passion and enthusiasm for helping children reach their potential. Pupils should leave school with a range of transferable skills and the confidence they need to succeed in their chosen careers. Programmes like the one that Commando Joe’s provides are playing an important role in helping young people achieve this, and I will be doing all I can to ensure the company continues to receive funding in order to carry out its work.”

Funded by the Department for Education, Commando Joe’s was set up in 2009 by Mike Hamilton after eight years in the British Army.

He set up the facility after seeing the positive effects that working as part of a team and gaining confidence can have and is delighted that his venture is helping to improve behaviour, attendance and academic results of more and more students.

Mike said: “We are fully dedicated to helping school children get the best start in life, and seeing that the work we do is having a measurable impact makes us even more determined to partner with other schools across the UK. The Department for Education funding plays a vital role in helping us to expand our services and we are extremely grateful for Andy’s support".