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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Drop the Bill e-petition not granted Commons Debate

This is the clearest sign yet that the Government is in chaos and running scared on the NHS.

163,000 people have signed a petition because they are worried about the Government’s Bill. They deserve their debate but have been denied it by an arrogant Prime Minister desperate to close down this debate.

The Government has such little confidence in its own Ministers and their discredited Health Bill that they are now protecting them from the scrutiny of the House of Commons.

The Prime Minister who promised no top-down reorganisation of the NHS is now carving up our nation’s best-loved institution through cosy Coalition deals presented to the unelected House. When the public seek to force the issue onto the floor of the elected chamber, and seek a debate which is rightfully theirs, the Government seeks to silence them. It is a shameful state of affairs.

What is happening to our NHS is an affront to democracy. Labour will now be escalating the Drop the Bill campaign and we urge everybody outraged by this decision to recruit signatures to the e-petition. If we show this arrogant Government the full weight of opposition to their plans, the public’s voice will be harder to ignore.

The Drop the Bill e-petition has 163,000 signatures and can be signed here.