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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Health Select Committee report on public expenditure on NHS and social care

This report is a damning verdict from the Select Committee on the damage done to the NHS by David Cameron’s re-organisation.

It is now beyond question that the NHS has been left weakened, confused and fragmented by these changes. It is clear that it distracted focus from the financial challenge and resulted in crude and damaging cuts to frontline care. Ministers’ decision to force competition on the NHS is now beginning to cause real damage to patient care and is preventing the integration the service needs. The Committee is right to call for a review of these unwanted rules.

It is now clear that the Government must now revisit their plans for further brutal cuts to social care. If things are left as they are, it result in ever-greater hospitalisation of frail older people and that is no answer to the ageing society.

This report is a broad endorsement of Labour’s plans to integrate the NHS and social care and we welcome it. The Government must now admit its re-organisation was a mistake and repeal this market madness.