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Friday, 6 July 2012

NHS Budget cut for second year in a row

Today we have it in black and white - official confirmation from the Government that David Cameron has cut the NHS for the second year in a row, breaking his central Election promise.

His airbrushed face appeared on billboards up and down the land making a promise he has now broken, in the same way as promising no top-down re-organisation of the NHS and a moratorium on hospital changes. These are three of the biggest broken promises in the history of the NHS and represent David Cameron's great NHS betrayal.

When he told us three letters - NHS - would be his priority, it was about cynical, self-serving re-branding of the Tory Party and nothing much else. People will today see David Cameron for the NHS con-man he is: repeatedly cutting the budget on the quiet while letting patients pay the price.

His disastrous decision to spend £3 billion on an unnecessary re-organisation has led to a loss of financial grip in the NHS. Almost four thousand nursing jobs are being axed, leaving waiting lists getting longer and the return of patients on trolleys in corridors. We are seeing crude, random rationing across the system with 125 treatments being stopped or restricted.

With every day that passes and every promise he breaks, David Cameron looks more and more like a one-term Prime Minister - a Prime Minister who has betrayed the NHS.