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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Government failure to get a grip is to blame not PFI

It’s highly convenient for the Government to blame the situation at NHS South London Health on PFI to divert attention away from its failure to get a grip on the problem.

Today experts have confirmed that PFI only accounts for a third of the deficit in this Trust and that very difficult decisions are needed to resolve the long standing financial issues in the area. This Government is wrong to suggest this Trust’s problems are simply down to PFI.

Andrew Lansley must today answer for his decision to bring forward a cynical moratorium on hospital changes after the election. The Government dishonestly shelved the plans for a much needed reconfiguration of services in the area, which meant also stepping back from the savings it would bring.  It has lost its grip on NHS finances and is wasting over £3 billion on an NHS re-organisation opposed by patients and health professionals.

We must all accept there are lessons to be learnt and the early PFI deals were in some cases poor value for money, but across the board they helped Labour deliver the biggest ever hospital building programme in the history of the NHS.