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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Andy's response to Guardian Letter from nine economists opposed to the scrapping of EMA

The decision to scrap EMA was deeply unfair, especially taking EMA away from students who are halfway through their course. In his Budget next week, George Osborne has an opportunity take action against the risk of a lost generation of young people. The Conservative-led Government must keep their promise to protect the Education Maintenance Allowance. Osborne should listen to the economists telling him that scrapping EMA is a mistake. His Budget must ensure there is sufficient financial support available for those young people who have the talent but not the financial means to stay on in education.

This Tory-led Government is cutting too far, too fast and is forcing young people to bear the heaviest burden, just as youth unemployment reaches a record high. They are kicking away the ladders and damaging the life chances of young people from less well-off backgrounds. It's not only unfair, it's the wrong long-term decision for our country. Investing in the education and training of our young people is essential if we are going to avoid creating a lost generation of young people.